Big Battery Italy - Smokitaly BeBe


The First 100% Made in Italy
Big Battery Italy E-Cigarette

Big Battery E-Cigarette Smokitaly BeBe

100% Made in Italy

We are proud to introduce you the first Big Battery Electronic Cigarette completely designed and produced in Italy.

Its name is BeBe and it's a little gem of electronics.

The body is made of recycled aluminium and it has a real electronic heart: a microchip storing all information to make it work at its best.

Both electronic and mechanical parts have been designed and produced in Italy.

100% Made in Italy Big Battery means:

  • European Industrial Standards
  • Entirely designed and produced in Italy
  • 2 years warranty on all parts
  • Compatibility with all eGo atomizers
  • Software controlled power level
  • Monitor for info and setup
  • 1 Joystick for all operations
  • Safe charging and vaping
  • Continuous Software upgrades
  • Special offers for Retailers Electronic Cigarettes


  • Workers rights respect
  • Four specific Italian Patents
BeBe Big Battery 100% Made in Italy

100% Italian Genius
for Retailers Electronic Cigarettes

Big Battery Italy Smokitaly BeBe

100% Advanced Technology

Discover the Features of an Italian Masterpiece

100% Recycled Aluminium for the
Italian Big Battery E-Cigarette

Retailers electronic cigarettes Big Battery Smokitaly BeBe

100% Ecologic

The first 100% Italian Big Battery e-cigarette is friend of nature and sustainable.

The entire body of the Big Battery BeBe is made of recycled aluminum.

The whole production line is fully compliant with emission reduction policies as defined by the European Standards.

Bebe Big Battery is ecologic

100% European Standars Safety
For the first Italian Big Battery E-Cigarette

BeBe Big Battery is safe

100% Safe

The microchip inside BeBe Big Battery checks all functions. The microcontroller reads the continuous resistance value and the remaining battery, adjusting the power output and allowing you to customize the type of aspirations and the amount and intensity of the emitted steam.

The microchip checks also the battery status and does not allow the use of the e-cigarette BeBe during charging, thus avoiding any danger to the vaper (You will never run into the problem of e-cigarette blast)

BeBe Big Battery e-cigarette is safe